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Design Tools

Energy Modeling Tools

eQUEST Energy Modeling Program

Whole building energy modeling typically consists of the use of a computer-based program for the analysis of annual energy consumption in buildings. The simulation programs used for energy modeling use an hourly weather file along with inputs for the building construction and operating parameters including building envelope, internal gains, occupancy schedules, and building systems to calculate energy consumption and peak demand by end use and by zone.

There are several different energy modeling programs available to engineers and modelers. For the Empire State Building, the team selected eQUEST, a user-friendly front end to the DOE-2.2 simulation engine (an update to the original version of DOE-2.1e).

Download a free version of eQUEST

Daylighting Design Tools


SPOT is intended to assist a designer in quantifying the existing or intended electric lighting and annual daylighting characteristics of a given space and to help establish the optimal photosensor placement for the space relative to annual performance and annual energy savings.

Download an example output from the tool


AGI 32 can predict lighting system performance for any application from one luminaire in a jail cell to hundreds of luminaires in a professional sports facility. Interior or exterior, AGI32 can build environments for most any electric lighting or daylighting application with unlimited luminaires, calculation points, and reflective or transmissive surfaces.

Learn more about AGI32

Schematic Design Tools

Google Sketch-Up

Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create 3D models of anything you like.

Download a free version of Google SketchUp

Climate Consultant

Climate Consultant graphically displays climate data in either metric or imperial units in dozens of ways useful to architects and engineers including monthly bar charts, timetable charts, and psychrometric charts, sun shading charts, and sun dial charts.

Download a free version of Climate Consultant